Authorized distributor for welding consumables and gas cutting equipment.

Welding accessories & Spares:

Arc welding accessories:


               Welding Cables                            Welding Helmets                                          Welding Holders

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welding electrodes portable oven                 Earthing clamps                          Copper lugs


Tig welding torches & spares:

  1. Air cooled & water cooled torches
  2. Tungsten electrodes
  3. Ceramic nozzles
  4. Long back cap
  5. Short back cap
  6. Collets 
  7. Gas lenses
  8. Collet body


Mig Welding torches and spares:


  1. Air Cooled & Water cooled Mig torches
  2. Gas Nozzles
  3. Contact tips
  4. Contact tip holder
  5. Gas Diffuser
  6. Steel Liner